Rat & Mouse Control

It is often said where there is man, there are rats and mice. This is quite true. Rats and Mice are regarded as pests due to their ability to spread disease and germs, the physical damage they can cause to electrical wiring, skirting boards, upholstery , quipment etc. due to their need to constantly gnaw and by spoiling and consuming foods. Winter is a common time to encounter these pests in and around the home as they try to find shelter from the cold and wet conditions.



Is it a rat or a mouse?

The 3 most commonly encountered rodents around Perth homes and buildings are The Roof Rat, The Norway Rat & the House Mouse.


Mice often frequent around kitchens, as well as living in wall voids, under exterior decking, in sheds. Sometimes the young mice can be fairly cheeky and peak out at home owners without much worry. Mice normally get to around 20 grams, much smaller thyan either of the two rats.


The Roof Rat is an exellent climber, and enjoys being in high places. One of the most common areas is, as their names suggests, in the roof space. Often not seen, but heard as they run through the roof void. Adults typically weigh around 200 grams ( 10 x heavier than a house mouse)


The Norway Rat is the largest of the 3, getting up to 450 grams. Though they are more prone to nesting outdoors, they will often head indoors and nest in wall and roof voids when temperatures outside are cold.  This rat burrows and swims well. 




Rodent Prevention Tips
  • Reduce the food available to them

  • Block any obivous entry points to the home

  • Trim any shrubs, vines or trees away from the homes roof

  • Collect un-eaten pet food promptly, the left-overs make great rodent food

Rat and Mouse Control

In order to control and treat rat and mice problems, we need to identify the species so we can understahnd the associated habits. This helps us decide the most effective treatment methods. We will assess the situation and can even advise how to help assist the prevention or rats and mice returning. If you need Rat Control or Mouse control, or advice on their treatments please feel free to contact us. All of our Rat and Mice treatments come with a written warranty.