Family Safety

It is our goal at Statesman Pest Management to provide Family safe pest control to Perth. 

There are many pesticides on the market, all of which vary in price. As with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for. However we endeavour to use only preparations that are of the highest quality, that have been rigorously tested and apply them in such a way that causes minimal environmental impact. Our number one goal is to provide our clients with effective, yet family safe pest control.


Often customers make the assumption that the products used by professional pest controllers must be "really strong and toxic".

However our products are so effective not because they are "extra strong" but because we carefully select the right product for the situation to give the most effective results.

Some customers resort to using a professional pest controller, after spending countless dollars at the hardware purchasing toxic sprays for DIY pest control and not achieving the desired result. The truth is these sprays are often inferior quality , and we have heard many stories of how the home owner has given it "a double dose" . Just because you can buy chemicals from the shopping centre and hardware does not mean they are safe or user friendly.  

There are still chemicals available to home owners, that have been banned in other countries.


Do you know what you are spraying around your home and family?

DIY Chemicals

By choosing the right product for the situation we are able to:


  • Minimise Environmental Impact

  • Avoid harming non-target species

  • Maximise the safety of our clients

  • Provide effective  control of the target pests

  • Provide longer lasting results

  • Minimise any disruption to Family or Work life

As technology is continually advancing, the preparations we use are continually changing. Typically the products available to us are being made less toxic to people, and more effective on pests. Our aim is to provide Family safe pest control, but of course everyone is different.

So if you have any specific allergies, health concerns or are unsure, please contact us and we can provide information on the products we use, so you may discuss this with your Health care professional.

The Right Product Matters