Many of our clients place cockroaches high on their unwanted list. There are believed to be over 4000 species of cockroaches, with only 30 species sharing habitat with humans. We are able to provide professional cockroach control and provide a warranty on all of our cockroach treatments.

Cockroaches are considered pests, due to their ability to spread diseases, contaminate food, emit unpleasant odours. It has been reported that cockroaches have even bitten sailors on heavily infested ships.


As with most pest control problems, identifying the species of cockroach is imperative in obtaining good results in Cockroach control.





Cockroach Treatments

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German Cockroach Control Perth

German cockroaches are a small cockroach, adults are normally 12-15 mm. They commonly infest the interior of buildings, especially kitchens. They like to be near food, and warmth. They are prolific breeders, and reach sexual maturity in as little as 6 weeks. Each female is capable of up to 8 egg cases, with between 30-40 eggs in each case. Once cockroach can quickly turn into many hundreds within weeks.